Ever wondered why you can’t get off the skiing plateau or your kids ski better than you, (the same for Snowboarders)? It’s not all to do with more time on snow resulting in better technique. We’ve teamed up with Skicology for this Winter. They’re the only specialist in the world teaching the psychology behind great skiing experiences! They have a proven track record of improving skiing performance. A few sessions with them before you arrive in the Alps or even at the chalet before you hit the slopes and they could do wonders for your skiing/ snowboarding. They’ll open your mind, unblock those hangups you’ve had for years and prevent that over thinking – all of which is probably the real reason for holding your performance back.

And, right now through us (Chalet Margaritka) they’re offering a 30% discount on all sessions. Please check out their website through the link below:

  free thinking can improve skiing performance

Please contact us if you’re interested in getting off the plateau and want to qualify for a 30% discount. And, please remember if you book weekend accommodation or longer through us before the end of October then you also qualify for a 30% discount on equipment hire through our door to door, Sports Shop partner.


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